Marta Cabral


Marta is the President of Portugal Young Professionals Networks of the IAHR. Besides to preside to all regular meetings of the organization and the Executive Committee, her key responsibilities are to define the strategic direction of Portugal YPN, to overseeing the internal activities and to serve as ex officio member of all other committees.

Marta holds a Master’s degree in environmental engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). She worked as a research fellow in National Laboratory for Civil Engineering and IST, participating in several R&D projects. During the most recent years, she has been developing is work on water-energy losses control and infrastructure asset management of urban water sectors. She started her PhD in 2017 in Civil Engineering at CERIS – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability in IST. Her PhD focuses in the enhancement of lifecycle management of urban water assets, including life cycle cost modelling and asset condition assessment.

Whenever Marta is not working, she is likely on the beach or could be painting, reading or travelling somewhere.

João Delgado

Vice President

Dr. João Delgado is a hydropower and water supply postdoctoral researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). He also colaborates with EPAL as a consulting engineer for the design and optimisation of two hydropower plants for energy recovery in their large drinking water trunk mains. Previously, he was a consulting engineer for two pumped storage hydropower projects focusing on the hydraulic steady and unsteady states and on the design of the surge protection systems.

João holds a PhD double degree in Energy and Civil Engineering from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and IST, and a MSc degree in Civil Engineering from IST. João was also a junior research fellow during the last 2 years of his MSc focusing on numerical simulation of hydraulic transients.

When João is not thinking about hydropower or programming in Python, he is a restaurant stalker, professional ski crasher, amateur beer producer and an avid reader. He is definitely not the best 150 word biography writer.

Catarina Jorge


Catarina was born in Lisbon, Portugal. As the YPN Portugal Treasurer, she focuses her support on the finances and human relations within the network. She is an Environmental Engineer from Técnico Lisbon and started working at the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering during her Master’s degree. Her main work sectors are: urban water management, water and wastewater systems’ performance and efficient use of water of domestic consumers and large facilities.

The participation in several R&D projects enhanced her professional experience in the water sector and strengthened her link with the water world. Since March 2018 she is doing her PhD in Civil Engineering – Environmental Hydraulics and Hydrology. The main goal is to enhance the energy efficiency in wastewater systems and allow wastewater utilities to carry out self-diagnosis and investigate possible options to reduce energy consumption, GEE emissions as well as contribute to improve the overall performance of the systems.

In her free time Catarina likes to travel, cook and spend time with her family and friends.

Joana Carneiro


Joana Carneiro is the secretary of Portugal Young Professionals Network of the IAHR, since 2020. She is probably the first person you will contact the moment you decide to email us.

Joana holds a Masters’ degree on Environmental Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). Since graduating, Joana has been working as a researcher in IST and has participated in several R&D projects. Her main work has been in efficient water management, but she also helped in modelling flow dynamics in water storage tanks and chlorine decay in supply systems. Having this experience has promoted her interest in the water sector in which she will start her PhD in September.

If you don’t find Joana working, she’s probably camping with her Pathfinder club, cycling around Lisbon or out with her friends and family.

Filipa Duarte

Social secretary

My name is Filipa Duarte and I have a degree in Environmental Engineering from Técnico Lisbon. My professional experience has always been linked to the Sustainability departments of Wastewater Sanitation companies of Águas de Portugal Group. My job is essentially to ensure that the company fulfills its environmental and safety benchmarks that European and national legislation imposes as well as other objectives that the organization commits to achieve.

I spend my time in understanding international politics, as well as about the humanitarian crisis that exists and their interactions for the future of the generations.

Sporting Clube of Portugal lover, I’ve like to listen to music, of good food, of good wine (or of a good beer) and of a good conversation, this is me.

Tiago Ferradosa


Dr. Tiago Fazeres Ferradosa is a doctorate researcher at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto and researcher in the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR). Tiago is currently responsible for the R&D unit Offshore Structures & Foundations at the Research Group of Hydraulic Structures and Marine Energy. Tiago has been a visiting MSc. researcher at University College London and developed his PhD thesis on the topic of reliability analysis of optimised scour protections for offshore foundations. He is also involved in the several R&D projects related to offshore engineering and marine renewable energy research, such as MARINET proposal 61; HYDRALAB+ (Proteus proposal); ORACLE; and I.nano.WEC.

He performs co-supervision activities of master degree students in civil engineering at the University of Porto and has been responsible for the organisation of more than 15 conferences, courses, symposia and other scientific and professional events. He is the editor of the IAHR Newsflash Europe, member of the editorial panel in 4 international peer-reviewed journals, Guest Editor of SI in Renewable Energy (Elsevier) and reviewer in other 8 international peer-reviewed journals. Tiago is the author of several scientific peer-reviewed publications and organiser of the IOSD course series.

He was the President of the IAHR Portugal Young Professionals Network, the Coordinator of the Young Professionals of the Portuguese Association of Water Resources and elected member of the Monitoring Committee of the Civil Engineering Doctoral Program between 2016 and 2018.

Jorge Gonçalves


Jorge José Teixeira Cardoso Gonçalves, born August 24, 1991 (Arouca), entered the Engineering Faculty of University of Porto (FEUP) in 2009, having completed the Integrated Master in Civil Engineering (Specialization in Hydraulics) in 2014. The Master’s Dissertation focused on the theme “Water Consumption”.


He started his PhD in Civil Engineering at FEUP in 2015, having completed the curricular part of the Doctoral Program and presented the Research Thesis Project in the scope of “Operational Management of Hydraulic Infrastructures”. PhD student in Civil Engineering, PhD thesis is being concluded.

Civil Engineer, Effective Member of the Order of Engineers, he started his professional career in 2014 at Iperforma – Architecture and Engineering, where he worked as a Project Engineer for Plumbing Systems and Hydraulic Infrastructures until 2016. He has been working for Águas do Norte, SA since then, performing Operational Management and Project functions. As a Liberal Professional, he carries out consulting and construction management.

Author and co-author of works in the area of “Hydraulic Infrastructures”, he currently coordinates the Integrated Approach Working Group (GTAI) of the Portuguese Water Resources Association (APRH) and he also is a member of the Specialized Water Services Commission (CESA). He was vice president of IAHR-YPN-Portugal in 2018, currently serving as advisor.